ClickLanka is your online Sri Lanka Travel Guide to the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island nation located off the southern tip of India also called as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” is well known tourism icon in the World and for centuries it had been a tourism destination for many travelers. Explore our Sri Lanka Travel Guide to plan your perfect trip to Sri Lanka the way you want.

Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Sri Lanka is an ideal location for beach holidays with over 900 kilometers of golden beach stretch ranging from isolated pristine Sandy Ocean fronts to more popular tourist hot-spots. Waters are usually calm with ample diving spots and many coral reefs while a few locations are great for surfing. With frequent Blue Whale sightings and dolphins a norm, the island is heaven for sea life.

Moving inland Sri Lanka is a good location for safari, with the elephant, bear, buffalo and leopard being its’ Big Four. Rated top in wildlife diversity the island has the highest density for leopard and Asian elephants in the world. With its tropical climate and virgin rain forests flora and fauna diversity is also unparalleled. You can find detailed information on our Sri Lanka Travel Guide.

With over 2500 years of history, ruins, religious sites and Buddhist culture the island engulfs the visitors with its ancient charm and architecture including heritage sites with manmade oceans and built cities in the sky. Sri Lanka is also home for 8 UNESCO world heritage sites.

In recent centuries being colonized by the Portuguese first, then the Dutch and finally the British who followed the spice trail to the East has left behind parts and pieces of their culture, architecture and heritage which have now blend into local culture forming a unique harmony while visiting Sri Lanka would enable you to experience the fusion of culture, communities and history.

Our Sri Lanka Travel Guide has all the information organized and laid out for you. You can easily access this info with just a single click and most importantly it’s free. Enjoy!